Diamond freestyle opened in May 2012 and is run by my eldest daughter Hollie Jones, who has danced from the age of 4 and has had 15 years experience from dancing herself. She then went on to become a teacher with the IDTA and and a Adjudicator for the Association of Dance and Freestyle. She has passed many exams doing Ballet, Tap, Gymnastic Dance, Modern, Freestyle and Theatrecraft. Freestyle has been the main focus in her life, where she reached Championship status and won many awards in the Freestyle World, travelling from places such as Castleford, Rotherham, Hartlepool, Whitby and dancing at festivals such as the Yorkshire Open Championships near Scarborough.

Diamond Freestyle runs classes for Freestyle, where at the end of the year the kids can do exams and received certificates and awards, and take part in Dance competitions and Festivals. We offer Street Dance, Gymnastic Dance and Ballet and Tap classes.

Since June 2013 we have taken part in Freestyle Competitions. Kids who take part in this, do extra classes during the week, and compete and weekend festivals and 1 day events. Competitions are something extra that your child can take part in, which can help build more confidence, and have the chance to win trophies. It also give parents and children more chance to socialise with other dancers, parents and the rest of the school. We start the children off at beginner level and work their way up to championship status. We’ll be travelling up and down the country and keep travelling times on day events up to 1hr.30 or less so you’re guaranteed to get home at a reasonable time. Our weekend events so far have been Skegness dance festival and Flamingoland Festival, which also allow family time aswel as the dancing.