2018 Calendar


Round 1 - March 17th/18th - Wickenby

Round 2 - April 14th/15th - Driffield

Round 3 - May 12th/13th - Tong

Round 4 - June - TBC

Round 5 - July 14th/15th - Hunsworth

Round 6 - August 27th - Anglesey (one day only)

Round 7 - September 22nd/23rd - Broadbottom

Round 8 - October TBC due to crop - Newstead Abbey (night runs)

Thornton Breakers are sponsers of the NORC (Northern Off Road Club) where off-roading events are taken place. My son Cameron Jones is now taking place in the racing scene and has been since March 2011. He is accompanied by co-pilots Liam McGrath from SFM Carvans and Leigh Sutcliffe who works for Thornton Breakers. When he first started he was racing a Mitsubishi Evolution which is fully kitted out, while driving this car his sponsers were myself, Cameron's business Cam Suzuki, SFM Caravans, Queensbury Van hire, DS Spraystation and Halifax Windscreens. Due to unfortunate events the 2011 season wasn't that successful with breaking of the car.
The car was fully fixed and was back out for the season of 2012, after many hours with help from numerous people who gave up their evenings to help get the car back on the track. Cameron finished the year coming 22nd overall.
2013 was a different year all together. Cameron has changed is car and now is racing a Simmbughini with a 5.2 V8 Engine. He had a very good year and placed 1st in Class and 6th overall.

During 2014/2015 the whole car has been more or less rebuilt and is now up for sale. Camerons last race took place in the scottish Hill Ralley 2014 and placed 14th over all. He then went back in 2015 for the last race of the season, where he gave it his all and placed 9th overall. The Simmbughini is now up for sale as Cameron will be racing 2016 in a Milner R5, WITH A 6.2 V8 LS3 Engine.